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Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

You will need a Bay area auto accident lawyer to represent you in your lawsuit as insurance companies are unlikely to just hand you the amount you deserve. Naturally, their main goal is to maximize their profits. This means they have an incentive to pay you as little as possible and get you to sign a liability release form, which will bar you from further recovery. However, the little amounts that these companies offer are rarely enough to cover your medical bills, let alone other monetary damages such as lost wages and pain & suffering. Therefore, hiring an experienced attorney who specializes in traffic accidents is your best option..
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Have you been Injured in a car accident?

Alberto Garcia offers free consultations to residents of the San Francisco Bay area who have been injured in a car accident in an effort to provide them with the confidence they need to reach a responsible party settlement. We provide personalized attention to each case, knowing that no two accidents are the same, and if the other party was negligent in their duty to operate a motorized vehicle safely, we will hold them responsible.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible results, while helping to relieve the stress of the resulting medical bills, lack of income and increased anxiety that is the result of both. We are here to help you reclaim your life; Starting with the compensation you need to heal properly.

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When is a car accident considered negligent?

In the bay area, there are many reasons why an auto accident can disrupt your life in the blink of an eye, even when you do not see it coming. Careless driving is a crime in which someone drives a car dangerously, without taking reasonable precautions to protect people and property.

Driver negligence that results in a car accident case often include, but are not limited to::

There are hundreds of examples of negligent driving that can contribute to injury another, even if they are in the same vehicle as the driver. You do not have to be in a separate vehicle to be the victim of a car accident. In fact, if you are in the car with someone who is showing negligence behind the wheel it is important to ask them to withdraw to avoid being harmed by their negligence.

If your negligence results in an accident of any kind, that person is responsible for your future welfare, and any other person who was injured as a result of it.


We are at your disposal for any questions, 365 days a year. Counseling is immediate and free.

Each case is different, but accident injury claims may include compensation for:

If you have been injured or have experienced the loss of a loved one as a result of an accident, it is vital that you contact a car accident lawyer in the bay area as soon as possible. The deadline for filing a lawsuit depends on the circumstances of your case.

You can receive immediate advice of a lawyer who will work tirelessly to obtain compensation for your claim and exhaust all possible legal instances. Call Alberto García your bay area car accident lawyer and schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your rights and to find out what your legal options are.

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